Gift ideas for Christmas using the Promaxx range December 20 2016

gift ideas for christmas

Use Promaxx products to produce a wonderfully personalised present for family and friends this Christmas. 

With so many gift options to choose from, it is often the presents with a personal touch that strike a chord with people. Within Promaxx’s range there are a number of products that lend themselves perfectly to this type of gift. 

Personalised playlist and wallet

These days many of us tend to keep our digital music stored in a number of different places, be it on phones, on our laptops, or on playlists stored in iTunes or Spotify. What a nice touch, then, if you can pull together a bunch of favourites songs and gift them to a close family member or friend packaged in a personalised CD wallet. 

Promaxx’s folding CD wallet allows you to personalise the CD cover and gatefold – maybe you can use a Christmas design or choose something more specific to the person you are making it for. Add your track listing and personal message in text to top things off.

Family photo montage DVD wallet

As with our music, in the digital age pictures and photos are also scattered around a number of locations and devices. Why not pull together a collection of the best or ones relevant to a particular person and copy them to a CD or DVD. If you choose a DVD – you can run the pics through free software such as Windows Movie Maker, so they flow and are accompanied by music of your choice.

Again, the Promaxx folding CD wallet offers the perfect finishing touch – designed and worded to mean something special to the recipient.  

Print your own photobook

Another option is Promaxx’s PhotoBook - a straightforward way to turn special digital photographs into a Christmas present.  Up to 30 photographs can either be printed at home or at a high street retailer, then slotted neatly into the PhotoBook by pressing gently onto the binding clips. Voila, you have a personalised gift that people will cherish.   

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