Free wine collar design template May 12 2017

Free wine collar design template

A clear and professional way of drawing more attention to your wines. This free collar template is smart and traditional, offering prominant logo placement to keep your product promotions cohesive and on brand.

Promaxx Collars are an instant and quick way to get your message across on a bottle. They are supplied pre-cut on an A4 sheet which enables you to design and print using your desktop laser or inkjet printer. They are ideal for advertising wine promotions, discounts, instant wins and much more. Simply print out your collar with your own promotional message or design, peel out of the carrier sheet and hang over your bottle neck. Your promotional message is instantly on display for everyone to see.

Click to view our new free wine collar design template, download in either Word, Powerpoint or PDF format, edit your details and print.  Simple.

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