Ideas for designing your own Valentine’s Day card February 06 2017

Promaxx’s self-printable cards are ideal for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few ideas for making your own.

Valentine’s Day will soon be with us and romantics the world over are preparing to a send a card to that special person in their life.

What makes February 14th unique is that it is the day where lovers go out of their way to let their partner or someone they admire from afar know how they feel about them. 

And what better way to show your feelings than to make a card yourself using Promaxx’s self-printable card products. Not only will it demonstrate you have dedicated time (and love) to the task, it will also allow you to add your own personal touch to the design and wording. Here’s a few ideas.

The heart of the matter

A classic feature on many Valentine’s Day cards is a heart – it signifies love and affection.  But what kind of heart to choose for your card? A quick search of the internet will turn up numerous different designs from polka dot hearts to heart-shaped balloons – many of the designs are free to download.

Romantic words

There are some wonderfully romantic quotations out there: Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemmingway, A.A. Milne and many more have all been responsible for romantic gems down the ages.  Why not chose a quote and write it large on the card front? You could do the same with some loving song lyrics that sum up how you feel. 

Fonts of love

If you are going to use words of tenderness as the central feature of your design, you will need a suitably romantic font. Again, the internet is a great resource for ideas and freebies. This site offers a huge choice of free love fonts for your Valentine’s card.

Just the two of us

In some quarters the tradition is to not sign Valentine’s cards as this is considered bad luck. But increasingly, people are putting their name down as a declaration of the way they feel. Why not go one step further and feature a favourite photograph of you and your loved one on the card – set off nicely with a few well-chosen words?

Stick it on

To dress up your card and make it special why not enhance your design by sticking chocolates, jigsaw pieces or playing cards to the front? There’s some great ideas on this site.  More classic craft ideas using sequins, glitter and fabric can be seen here.


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