Christmas greeting cards ideas using Promaxx December 20 2016

print your own christmas cards

Promaxx’s self-printable greetings cards offer incredible flexibility – the only boundary is your imagination. Here’s a few ideas for designing your own Christmas cards.

Personalised with a family photograph

Christmas cards are about sending people a seasonal greeting but they also serve the purpose of keeping in touch with old friends and family, and giving people you haven’t seen in a while an update on your news.

What better way of doing that than putting a photograph of you and your family on the front? Using Promaxx’s self-printable greetings cards you can incorporate your favourite image into the design or a montage of the best family snaps from the year.

Use a kiddie’s drawing

Another idea for a highly-personalised Christmas card is to take a child’s drawing, scan it into the computer and then use that as your design. Many schools offer this service but you can do it from home. A lovely image of a Christmas scene, a snowman or a Christmas tree drawn by one of your children will offer a highly personalised seasonal greetings card.  For best results choose a simple, colourful design.

If you can’t decide which picture to use, scan in several and print out a number of cards with the different images on. The magic of Promaxx’s products is that you print out just as many as you need. so there is no wastage.

Go big on the fonts with your Christmas wording.

We have talked about finding the right wording for Christmas cards in a previous blog. A host of wonderful lines and sayings can be gleaned from Christmas carols, pop songs and famous quotes about Christmas. But rather than having the words inside the card, why not use them on the front cover? This approach depends on finding the right font because the font in effect becomes the design. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from – from traditional designs to ultra-modern. You can have some fun playing around with them. Other ideas include arranging the font in different formations to create a visual impact.  One seasonal idea is to arrange the words in a Christmas tree formation


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