Christmas place card ideas using Promaxx's range December 01 2016

Christmas place card ideas

Christmas is an ideal time to make good use of Promaxx’s self-printable place cards. Here are some ideas.

Place cards at Christmas dinner

The Christmas dinner is one meal where people pull out all the stops. There is always more than enough food, the wine flows freely and the best cutlery comes out. All the more reason, then, to add those little touches that really make a special occasion.

One touch that will bring an air of class to the proceedings is the use of Promaxx’s place cards. You can use Christmassy fonts with the names of those due to be eating and incorporate Christmas designs – think holly, Santa Claus, reindeers - to give your place cards that festive feel.

Multiple meals   

It’s not unusual for people to entertain a number of times over the Christmas period. Maybe one side of the family will visit on Christmas Day while the other side may come over a few days later. You might also invite some friends over at some point. The magic of Promaxx’s place cards is that with a few tweaks to change the names you can quickly print out some more for the new occasion. Fresh imagery can also be dropped in. For example, if you have friends over for New Year use pictures of balloons or champagne corks in place of holly or snowmen.

Nice to meet you, and your name is?

If the people around the table may not know each other why not print the names on both the front and back of the place card so that people can see where to still as well as who is who during the meal.

Buffet dish labels

Rather than having to stand next to the buffet you've just lovingly prepared and explain to every person who comes up what the different dishes are or if they contain certain allergens, why not label them all and then go and join in with the fun? Simply print off some place cards with the name of the dish, and perhaps a little note to say if it contains dairy/nuts/gluten/etc.  You could have a bit of fun, for instance if you know that there is a certain guest who has a very strict diet, leave them place cards next to certain dishes saying 'you can eat this one Sarah'!  

Wifi code cards

Having guests stay over during the festive period?  Why not print off a card with the Wifi code on it and leave it in their room or in certain areas of the house like the living room, so they can feel free to join the network without having to ask you and you then having to hunt around trying to find it.

Place name cards with a twist

Here at Promaxx we love the idea of incorporating our place name cards into a larger table decoration. There’s some great ideas on this Pinterest page including inserting place cards in pine cones, fixing them on the top of baubles or weaving them through sticks of candy. All nice touches that will help to make your meal memorable.    

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