Design and print your own point of sale displays for wine merchants

Promaxx Printable Products are a great, low-cost way draw your customers’ attention to key products, special offers and end-of-line items that you want to clear fast.

Professional point of sale that you can change every day
Used to great effect in all manner of retail outlets, well-designed point of sale displays help to capture the attention and interest of customers, enticing them to find out more.  Promaxx printable products can be individually designed, so you can design and print your own point of sale displays as you need them, one at a time if you wish, changing them every day if you need to.

Engage customers and make more sales
You can use these great products to provide more detailed information on each wine, such as grape variety, region of origin and tasting notes.

Products used:

Don't want to design from scratch?

Download our 'available to taste', 'manager's choice' and 'special offer' bottle collar design template for free. 


These print-your-own point of sale displays also lend themselves to wine tasting events, trade events and exhibitions, where you can use them to professionalise your display, at negligible cost.

Professional and made from high quality materials, with capacity for a print-bleed to support edge-to-edge printing, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with Promaxx.


Wine merchant point-of-sale displays:

  • Wine bottle collar hangers
  • Printable shelf price cards
  • Product name display cards
  • Wine details display cards