How to use Promaxx at business events July 22 2017

Business events

An easy and affordable way to create professional branded stationery for business meetings, conferences and training events.

The benefits of self-design and print for your business 

Cost effective  

Promaxx products are cost effective, and there’s no waste because you simply print what you need, when you need it.


With Promaxx, you can print out and change the design as many times as you need. You’re in control, making it easier to create personalised stationary such as name place holders and itinerary. 

Time efficient

Expecting more people at your event than you first thought? No problem, just go print some more... 


What better way to make a positive impact than personalising a meeting in this way? It makes every guest feel like a VIP… whether they are one or not! Simple details, like displaying Wi-Fi access details or the meeting agenda on our versatile tower cards, demonstrate that you are a company that plans ahead and has an eye for detail. 

Business & conferencing opportunities 

Made from high quality materials, with a print bleed to support edge-to-edge printing, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with Promaxx: 

How to use Promaxx

Design, print and go!

Promaxx products couldn’t really be much simpler to use, just design, print and go!

There are a number of choices as to how you create your design. The professional might want to download the relevant product template as a PDF (from the individual product page in our online shop) for use in their design suite of choice, such as Adobe or Quark or similar, create their own design, print and go! 

Alternatively most desktop and word processing packages such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint can be used.

For a more detailed explanation, view our infographic 'Tips for using our templates'.

See our free design templates

To make your experience with Promaxx even easier, we have some re-made designs that you can slot your information into. These designs are perfect for those of you that are having a creative block, or simply don’t have the time to design just yet.

 Click to download our free design templates