Things you wouldn’t think to use the Promaxx range for March 03 2016

Things you wouldn’t think to use the Promaxx range for

The beauty of Promaxx’s print-yourself range is that all the different products are easily customisable, so they can be adapted to cater for and each user’s particular requirements. All that is required is a bit creativity and the possibilities are endless.    Here’s a few ideas on things you wouldn’t think to use the Promaxx range for …but can.

Use tower cards to promote Wi-Fi log-in details

Tower cards are great for business events, such as meetings, conferences and training days, as an effective way to communicate key messages for the day and to inform delegates of the running order of an event. They can also be used in restaurants and cafes as stand-up food or drinks menus on-table. But how about using them to inform people of the Wi-Fi log-in details for the location? Wi-Fi is now seen as vital for event delegates and diners alike and by offering the information they require in a straightforward way you are providing great customer service.

Place cards for all occasions

While perfect for weddings and large formal dinner occasions Promaxx’s printable place cards can also be used for all types of occasions. How about using them for different business events from conferences and gala dinners to networking events and meetings. They can help identify delegates and make introductions and networking run smoother. You could even use the place cards to add an air of sophistication to your own dinner parties.

Home-made DVDS as gifts

One look at YouTube tells you it has never been easier for people to produce homemade films – made up of video clips and photos – from their own computer. This trend has been enabled by free movie-making software such as Movie Maker and iMovie which are available to download with Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS respectively.

Maybe you have produced a video of a special family occasion, a wedding or holiday, or just like to produce short films made up of family snaps. Burning the DVDs and using Promaxx’s folding CD wallet to produce a specially designed holder before sending them out to your nearest and dearest will ensure you give a gift to be cherished.

Promaxx is not just for Christmas

We have discussed in previous blogs how Promaxx’s personalised greetings cards can be used at Christmas for both business’s thanking their client base and for individuals looking to send out something more personal at the end of the year. But the card making system has use beyond this one event and can be employed for all sorts of occasions – from birthdays and Mother’s Day to Thank You cards and Easter. Users have the ability to adapt the personalised card for whatever use they see fit…. and to make someone’s day by sending a card made just for them.