Tips for using the Promaxx range over Christmas December 07 2015

Tips for using the Promaxx range over Christmas

Christmas is coming and it’s time to think about how you can make the most of this special time of year. With the use of some of Promaxx’s personalised printable products you can really make it a Christmas to remember. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Greetings Cards

No time of year is busier for sending greetings cards than Christmas when we collectively spend over a £1billion on the products. So now is the time to make the most of Promaxx’s personalised greetings cards by ensuring the ones you send have a personal touch.

Promaxx’s cards are literally a blank canvass on which you can include a personalised message or design.

Inside you can include your own words or choose some from your favourite carol or Christmas story.

On the outside, why not use a picture of you and the family as the cover of the card? Often Christmas cards are as much about staying in touch with family and friends as they are about sending a seasonal greeting, so including a nice photo will be a wonderful memento for your nearest and dearest.

Another idea for the front cover of your Christmas card is to get your children to draw a design for them.

Whether they choose Santa on his sleigh, a robin redbreast or a big Christmas tree – make sure the drawings are bold and colourful and they will have an extra meaning for recipients.

Point-of-sale displays

If you are a retail business, you will want to make the most of the Christmas spending spree. One way to maximise the opportunities is to use in-store point-of-sale displays to promote certain items or to make shoppers aware of the good deals you may be offering.

As the Christmas period progresses, your promotions are likely to change, so Promaxx’s personalised point-of-sale system allows you to print new materials with new information, when you need them.

Materials you can design and print include price card hangers, display cards, special offers, loyalty cards and retail bag headers.

Christmas parties

This is the time of year when a lot of us open our doors to friends and family for dinner parties and knees-ups. Why not add a touch of sophistication to your dinner party by including Promaxx’s personalised place cards at the table. Whether your party is formal or more relaxed, place cards can be designed to suit all occasions.

Christmas videos and DVDs

A nice idea for Christmas is to put all your photos and videos onto a DVD and send them to those who were there, or to close ones who couldn’t make it. All this can be done easily with free movie-making software such as Movie Maker and iMovie being readily available.

Burning the DVDs and producing a specially designed wallet using Promaxx’s personalised cardboard CD wallet before sending them out to your nearest and dearest will ensure you give a gift to be treasured.