Useful and fun ideas for repurposing old business cards December 01 2016

Repurposed business cards

From bookmarks and prompt cards to herb markers and gift tags, there are many uses for old business cards – here are a few ideas. 

Of course, with Promaxx’s self-printable business cards there is no need to discard cards because you only print as many as you need. However, if you are still going down the route of buying business cards in bulk and finding you end up jettisoning half of them, here’s some fun ideas on how to make use of old ones rather than dumping them in the bin. 


If you are one of those people who has lots of books on the go at the same time, maybe a couple of novels, a history book and some poetry, and then you also want to save a page in a cookery book for a recipe you found earlier, then you will need lots of markers. Look no further than old business cards, which you can have fun repurposing into funky bookmarks. 

Build 3D models

Fans of origami could enjoy using old business cards to build 3D models of skyrockets, light bulbs and cubes, or even to make a tray for holding sweets.

Gift tags

With Christmas around the corner, why not use old business cards to make gift tags? Paint over the cards in an attractive colour or stick on a new image, cut the card to shape and punch a hole in it so it can be attached to the present. Viola!   


The card used to make business cards is normally of a good quality. Why waste it? It can used to make labels off all kinds, to organise your work, to put on folders or to label items around the kitchen. 

Travel tags

Going away somewhere nice and need some tags for your suitcase? Repurpose a few old business cards by painting them then adding you address when they have dried before punching a hole in them and attaching them to your luggage

Herb or plant markers

Make markers for your garden or indoor plants and herbs by fixing old business cards to a lolly stick or twigs and pushing them in the soil.

Handy reminders

Business cards are just the right size for keeping useful notes. Why not stack some up next to the phone and use the blank side to write messages on? If you are preparing to give a presentation or speech – old business cards are just the right size to be repurposed as prompt cards.

Don't forget, a key benefit of using Promaxx's self-printable business cards is that you can simply print as you go, so you never print more than you need! 

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