The best and most cost effective way of making your own business cards October 26 2016

Here at Promaxx, we believe we offer the best and most cost-effective way of making your own business cards.

Our self-printable templates are ideal for producing professional-standard business cards, as and when you need them. Once you’ve set up the design and wording, you simply print off as many as you like – meaning costs are kept down and there is no waste associated with large print-runs.

The ability to print-as-you-need gives users a huge amount of flexibility – business cards can be changed in minutes to suit the situation. Maybe, you would like a specific message on your business card to coincide with a business event – this can done with a few clicks of a mouse. If someone new at your company needs a batch of business cards quickly, Promaxx’s self-printable service is the answer.  

We also provide flexibility with the card we supply for printing. All our card comes as pre-cut, printable sheets – providing a smooth, professional-looking clean edge. There’s the option to give your business cards a rounded edge or to have them printed on both sides. All card is laser, copier and inkjet compatible, and is available in different thicknesses including 300gsm for that extra quality feel.

Increasingly popular is our pre-print service which offers companies the ability to print business cards as they are needed, combined with the convenience of having their main company details and branding already in place.  Companies simply send us a business card design template and we supply them with professionally pre-printed business card blanks in a pre-cut form. We can also design a new template for you if you wish.

This arrangement enables businesses to add the personal details, such as name, title and email address, as required and in whatever quantity is needed.

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness is what Promaxx’s self-printable business card service is all about.

If you would like to know more about any of the services mentioned above, please email: or call us on 01284 829701.