5 tips for using Adobe Illustrator for your Promaxx designs August 05 2016

Five tips for using Adobe Illustrator for your Promaxx designs

Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics tool that enables users to create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations. Here at Promaxx we feel the app can help people get the best out of our self-printable cards and labels.

There is a wealth of tips and tricks on the internet to help beginners to get the most from their Illustrator tool. Here are some of our favourites:


The team at Creative Bloq point to the Symbols functions as a great way of creating complex artwork quickly. If you want to repeat a design across a page – in this case a flock of birds - draw one image, select it and then using the Symbols panel arrow menu, turn it into a symbol. Following this, select the Symbol Sprayer from the tool panel and repeat the image around the page.

Other Symbols tools enable users to resize, colour and rotate individual symbols to vary the design.

Make your own brushes

Adobe Illustrator gives users the ability to make their own custom brushes, which they can use to enhance their designs. There are some useful tutorials on creating and using brushes to be found on the Web while you can also purchase brushes to enable you to draw a vast array of outlines from ivy vines to barbed wire. 

Draw inside

If you want to draw shapes or details within another object take a tip from this blogger that points you to a button at the bottom of the toolbar that allows you to draw inside an object while automatically masking out any overlap. 

Colour Guide

If you are looking for different shades and tints of a colour for your design, the Colour Guide will provide options that match and complement the colour you are currently using. Simply choose a colour, open the colour guide palette and have a play.

Broken glass effect

We love the different effects that can be created using Illustrator, such as the Broken Glass effect found in this online tutorial. It’s just one example of the freedom that Illustrator gives to users to be creative.