Five photography trends you could try June 30 2016

Five photography trends you could try

We’ve already posted on how users of Promaxx’s self-printable products can incorporate photography into their designs.

So, we thought it would be useful to follow-up with a blog about some of the latest photographic trends and styles that we feel would work well on our greeting cards or labels.

Here are four styles we like:

Flat lay

The flat lay photographic style hails back to the 1980s but has had a resurgence with its use on Instagram and food blogs. It involves arranging a number of objects into a square shape and photographing them from above.

Tips include: use a white of wooden background, make use of natural light and have a theme to your image.

Black and white

Well taken black and white photography is timeless and a well-taken shot will add a touch of class to your card. The easiest way to get this effect is to use a monochrome mode that most modern digital cameras have.

You could also try a sepia effect to install a vintage feel to your image or a blue tone, which adds a cool tint to images of landscapes and buildings. 

Neon looks and light leaks

Neon landscapes and light leaks can give your images a hint of the exotic or retro. And while this style started out in California, it can easily be adapted to any landscape, portrait or group shot. The light leak effect can be produced using Photoshop or search for the functionality on some of the free image-editing software tools out there.

Resurgence of film

In the same way that music aficionados have returned to playing vinyl records, so a growing number of photographers are moving from digital to using film cameras.

Experts point to the dreamy colours, tone and depth found in film as the reason people use it.