Five benefits of printing your business cards as you go December 01 2016

Print your own business cards

There are numerous advantages to Promaxx’s self-printable business cards. Here’s five reasons why you should consider using them.

Temporary workers

If your business employs temporary workers, printing a full run of business cards does not make sense.  A temp may be there only for a few weeks during a busy period or working on a project that is open-ended. Maybe, they are with you to cover for a limited period of maternity or sickness leave.

In these instances it makes more sense to print out Promaxx’s professional-standard business cards as and when these workers need them rather than ordering a full batch and see most of them thrown away when the person leaves.

Change of details

In the modern workplace people’s details change all the time. Maybe they get a new position or job title, they move office or get a new phone extension or mobile number. Each modification means the business card has to be altered. With Promaxx’s cards this is not a problem – you simply make the changes on the template and print out some new cards.

Minimal waste and cost

From heating and lighting to paper use, we are all looking to reduce waste in the workplace. Not only does this approach help the environment, it also saves money. Printing business cards as and when you need them is one sure-fire way of insuring you don’t discard outdated cards unnecessarily while keeping costs down at the same time.

To tie in with an event  

The ability to print-as-you-need gives users the flexibility to print out ‘special edition’ business cards to tie in with an event. Maybe, you would like to add a specific message on your business card - this can done with a few clicks of a mouse. If you are running your own event and want to run out cards for attendees to wear on lanyards – you can use Promaxx for this too. 

Consistent branding

If you are looking for consistent branding across not just your business cards but also other collateral such as place cards, tower cards or labels, then the Promaxx system gives you the ability to design and print for all these formats. 

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