Advice on how to get the right wording for your wedding invitations October 31 2016

Using Promaxx’s self-printable templates, wedding planners, couples and families preparing for the big day can design and print their own wedding invitations.

Not only does this mean you have total flexibility over the style and design of the invitations – it will also save money compared with having to buy them, without compromising on quality.

When considering making wedding invitations, one area that requires careful thought is the type of wording used. Here’s some advice to help you get the right wording for you.

Must-have wording

Most people go with tradition when it comes to weddings, so there are some must have wording that you must include on your wedding invitations.

Typically, it is the bride’s parents who host the event, so the invitation should come from them. If this does not apply, replace this with the names of the hosts or couple if they are doing it all themselves. 

Wedding invitations must contain the following information:

  • Names of the bride's parents or other hosts
  • First name of the bride (for civil partnerships first or full names of the couple)
  • First name and surname of the bridegroom and his title (Mr/Lieutenant/Sir)
  • Where the ceremony is taking place
  • Date, month and year of the wedding ceremony
  • Time of the ceremony
  • Location of the wedding reception
  • Address to which guests must reply     

Additional information

There may be some additional information you may want to include on your invitations. This could be:

  • Dress code - If you are planning for your big day to be a black tie affair or another theme then the invitation is a good place to include this request.
  • Website details – increasingly people set up websites for their wedding. If you have, put the URL at the bottom of the invitation.
  • Dietary requirements – if you need to know food preferences in advance, ask on the invitation. To make it easier include boxes where they can tick their choice on the RSVP part of the invitation.
  • No children – if you don’t want children at your wedding, state this on the invitation.

Informal invites

In this day and age, some people may baulk at traditional wording such as: "request the honour of your presence" or "cordially invite you."

Fortunately, in these enlightened times, sticking to strict etiquette is not necessary and you can put what words you like on the invitation – ones that you feel best reflect you as people and the type of wedding you have planned. You can have some fun experimenting and trying out different wording.


Given how busy everyone is these days, it is a good idea to send out your invites 10 to 12 weeks before the wedding day and set the RSVP deadline as two months prior to your wedding date. This gives you time to chase up those who haven’t responded.

One good idea is to include an RSVP card in with the invitation where responders have the option to delete where appropriate I shall be able/ I shall not be able…to attend.  Leave a gap for people to scribble a personal message. How about sending it in postcard form with the RSVP address already printed out and a stamp included to make it easier for people to respond quickly?

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