What benefits can the Promaxx range bring to your business? March 03 2016

What benefits can the Promaxx range bring to your business?

Promaxx’s extensive range of print-yourself products offer businesses a multitude of opportunities to promote themselves. Whether you decide to start off with one product from the Promaxx range, for example business cards, or combine several elements, maybe tent tower cards and price card hangers, you have the ability to customise each component and to print only as many as you need.

Here’s a few examples of the benefits the Promaxx range can bring to your business. 

Point of sale promotions that have impact

There are many ways that Promaxx’s printable retail and point-of-sale products can be employed by retailers to make shoppers notice items on a shelf.

A piece of well-designed point of sale collateral can lift a product, while also providing additional information that can promote it. Because users are able to print each card individually they can also create promotional material for a special product or a one-off special deal being offered to customers.

Put on a winning business event

If you are holding a business event, Promaxx’s range can be put to good use to give the occasion a professional edge, to help and inform delegates, and to reinforce branding.

Tent tower cards can be placed on tables as an eye-catching way of pushing key messages to attendees while branded stationery, such as notepads, can be useful at training events or smaller conferences. Why not use Promaxx’s place cards if you are holding a sit-down meeting or networking event to help with introductions? 

CD wallets with the wow factor

Promaxx’s foldable CW wallets allow businesses to print their own designs on the packaging of corporate DVDs to create an attractive way of promoting and introducing themselves. These sleek, environmentally friendly wallets are suitable for a host of professionals seeking an effective way to post and distribute CDs and DVDs including graphic designers, musicians, and photographers. 

Labels that lift a product

Using Promaxx’s Wraptac ® printable extended text labels, retailers can create impactful packaging for their product and also enhance their brand awareness. Because the Wraptac labels are fully-customisable, they have the opportunity to add their own logos to the labels and include them on items like water bottles at corporate events. The extra space on the product label can be used to provide additional information to people.