What makes a product stand out on the shelf? February 04 2016

What makes a product stand out on the shelf?

With so many competing items on shops’ shelves, retailers have to be increasingly creative to make products stand out. One way is by creating attractive labelling and point of sale information that has real impact.

Here are a few ideas on how to stay ahead of the crowd using Promaxx’s printable products.


Using Promaxx’s Wraptac ® printable extended text labels, retailers can lift the packaging of a product. Because the Wraptac labels are fully customisable, they have the opportunity to add their own branding and design. The extra space on the product label can be used to provide details to promote the product or to give additional information to consumers.

Keep the design simple yet professional

Experts say consumers will spend no longer than four seconds looking at a product before they decide whether it is for them or not. Therefore the designs incorporated on labels and other promotional materials should be simple and straightforward. Think about what you are trying to say with your design and keep in simple. Don’t over-complicate things and confuse the shopper. Get professional design help in to create a brand design that will work.

Extensibility of design

One word designers use when looking at branding is extensibility. This means that the design can be easily adapted to take in other products in a range or a sub-brand and still work effectively. For example, you may have created a design to promote your homemade strawberry jam but will that design work if you want to tweak it to incorporate new batches of raspberry or blackcurrant jam.

Effective point of sale

Promaxx’s printable point-of-sale items can also be used in numerous ways to make a product standout on the shelf. Whether it be to provide extra information on a product, highlight a special deal or simply to enhance the promotion of the product, Promaxx can offer the solution. Promaxx products are also easy to use and extremely cost-effective because there is no wastage. The ability to print each item individually means you can create promotional material for a special product or a one-off. 


Because retailers can print off labels and point-of-sale materials quickly, they can easily adapt them to tie in in with a significant date or to react to a new trend. If Valentine’s Day or St George’s Day is approaching then the design of the collateral can be tweaked accordingly. If there has been a heatwave or the national football team is doing well, your in-store promotions can reflect that.

Test it out

The best way to see if your labels or point-of-sale materials are doing the business is to test them out. Again, the ability to self-print has benefits here as retailers can print out the exact number they need to see if they work. If they need to fine tune the design or colour scheme they can apply the changes on the computer and produce another label in minutes.