Tips to make your business card stand out from the crowd February 01 2016

Tips to make your business card stand out from the crowd

Promaxx’s self-printable business cards allow you to design and personalise your business cards to suit different requirements. This means you can tweak your cards to feature the most relevant information depending on whether you are attending a high-level meeting, a networking event or trade show.

But how do you make your business card stand out from the crowd? Here’s a few ideas.

Omit the Homepage

It is common practice to feature the web address of your home page on your business card. But is this the page that says the most about you or your business? If, for example, you have a personal or business blog that reflects you better, or a company Facebook page that encapsulates more what your business is about, why not feature these addresses on your card instead?

How are people going to engage with you?

Don’t try and fit every contact detail on your business card. It will look crammed and will be difficult to read if you have a full address, an e-mail address, two telephone numbers, fax details and social media contacts. Think carefully about how people are most likely to engage with you and feature the relevant contact details accordingly. Less is definitely more in this area.

Include a catchphrase or quote

Do you have catchphrase or saying that encapsulates what your business is all about? Maybe there’s a quote that you find particularly inspiring or pertinent to your line of work? You could include this on the back of your card. It will make people remember you and bring your business card alive?

Colour effects

People react to different colours in different ways, so think carefully about the colours you use on your business card. What image are you hoping to portray and what impact do you want to achieve?

Get Visual

A picture paints a thousand words or so the saying goes, so why not include a relevant image on your business card? We’re not talking the company logo here, rather a picture of your product that is interesting and engaging or another image that will have impact and sums up what you do.

Call to action

The magic of Promaxx’s business cards is that you can customise them to suit the event you are attending. This means you could, for example, feature a promotion on the card to tie in with a trade show you are attending or, if you are at drinks reception request people go to a certain web address to download some pictures that have been taken of the event. It’s an effective way of making your business card stand out while also getting people to engage with you more.