Use the Promaxx range to give your business event a professional edge January 05 2016

Use the Promaxx range to give your business event a professional edge

The Promaxx range of printable products can be used to give a business a professional edge when hosting meetings, training events and conferences.

From place cards and stationery to tower cards and labels, the Promaxx range enables businesses to print out a host of customised collateral to support any event, all with the same messaging and branding.

And while the look and feel will undoubtedly look classy, Promaxx’s service need not be expensive because there is no waste – businesses simply print what they need, when they require it.

Here’s a few ideas on how the Promaxx range can be used to give your event a professional edge:

Wi-Fi details

Most business people today will carry a connected device with them to an event – be it smartphone, tablet or laptop - and will want to use it to access their corporate network, email or other online services during the day.

If you are hosting an event you can save your attendees the inconvenience of having to ask for the log-in details of the building’s Wi-Fi service by placing cards around the room that provide this information. People will be grateful and they will appreciate that you have thought of the finer details to make the event go smoothly.

Business stationery

Depending on the type of event you are holding, providing branded business stationery for delegates will add a touch of professionalism to proceedings. Branded stationery, such as notepads, can be useful at training events or smaller meetings where participants are likely to take notes. An added advantage of branded stationery is that if people take it away with them your brand is reinforced every time they look at it or use it.

Place cards

Place cards can be used to ensure that delegates at your event take a seat where you have planned. It is also worth considering placing the names of delegates on both sides of a place card, so that other attendees can see it and are able to introduce themselves much easier.

Wraptac labels

Promaxx’s Wraptac labels can be used for additional branding at a business event, such a creating a personalised label for water bottles. The labels, which can be printed on both sides, have an adhesive patch for securing them. Personalised labels of this kind not only offer an additional opportunity to extend a business’s brand, they also show you are a company that pays attention to the details.  

Tent tower cards

Tent tower cards are an eye-catching way of pushing key messages to delegates. They can be placed at intervals along tables and other flat surfaces to break up the space, advertise running orders and reinforce branding.

Business cards  

Ahead on any business event you should ensure you have plenty of business cards to hand out to people you meet on the day. Promaxx’s business card service means you can print out new cards at short notice and, if it is your event, ensure the branding on your card ties in with the branding found on other collateral.