The many uses for Promaxx’s tent tower cards January 05 2016

The many uses for Promaxx’s tower cards

Promaxx’s self-print tower cards are versatile and attractive, and can be used in a whole host of situations. Printed onto an easy to use template, they can incorporate any design and be folded to stand tall, so important information is clear to see.

Here’s a few ideas of how Promaxx’s tower cards can be put to use.

Retail displays

Tower cards can be used in stores as point-of-sale displays either on a shelf or at the counter. They offer retailers the chance to give their products a lift by promoting a discount or deal, or by offering an attractive way to provide additional information about a product.

Easily printed to demand, shop owners can quickly generate new tower cards to ensure fresh promotions or information can be communicated to customers straightaway.

On-table menus

If you are the proprietor of a café or restaurant, Promaxx’s tower cards offer you a way of displaying menus on-table. Taking up little room, they allow customers to browse as soon as they arrive, while they are waiting for a server to come to their table or before they go up to order.

If you don’t want to put the whole menu on the tower card you can use it to promote special dishes or a selection of cocktails, for example. And as what’s on offer changes, so you can print out new cards quickly and at little expense. 

Corporate messaging

At business events, such as meetings, conferences and training days, tower cards can be effective for a variety of uses. They can be used as a smart and eye-catching way to communicate key messages for the day, to inform delegates of the running order of the event or to impart simple information about the Wi-Fi log-in details for the building etc.

Placed on tables or other flat surfaces, tower cards are also a way of reinforcing branding at an event and giving a professional look and feel to proceedings.

Weddings, functions and social events

Tower cards can be placed on tables at social occasions, such as weddings, to signal to people where they should sit, to indicate a table number or to impart other important information.

Able to incorporate any design, they can be used to tastefully impart useful information on the big day.