Advice on designing and using Promaxx’s printable place cards October 30 2015

Advice on designing and using Promaxx’s printable place cards

Promaxx’s printable place cards can be used for all types of social occasions from weddings to large formal dinners occasions and dinner parties, and for a host of business events from conferences and gala dinners to networking events and meetings. Here’s a few words of advice on getting the most from the cards in terms of their use and design.


Formal or informal?

How formal or informal you are with the names on your place cards will depend very much on the occasion and how you want to position the event.

In formal settings, it is customary to feature only the last name and the appropriate prefix of guests, such as Mr Smith, Dr Jones or Mrs Kearney.

If you are expecting members of the aristocracy, guests holding a high office or dignitaries from abroad it is worth researching the proper way of referring to them.    

If you want to create a more informal setting, use the first and last name (Tommy Smith) or even more relaxed, simply the first name (Tommy). However, you might find the latter approach may be a problem at a large event where you are likely to have people sharing the first name – leading to confusion over where to sit. Much simpler, then, to stick with both first and second names.  

Front, back or both?

With the tented style place card there is the option to write the name on both sides of the card. This is not the norm for weddings and social gatherings where the name is typically written only on the front of the place card facing the guest.

In a business-type environment – a meeting or conference – writing the name on both sides of the card can help with networking and aid people getting to know each other’s names.

Guests of guests

It might be the case that you have single wedding guests who are bringing a date along to your wedding but you don’t know their name. It is best to try and avoid simply putting ‘guest’ on the place card – it’s a bit impersonal - but how do you find out their name?

One idea is to leave a space on the RSVP card for single guests to write the name of their date at the time of replying. If this doesn’t work you will have to call or e-mail your single friends to ask them.

The convenience of Promaxx’s printable place cards is that a new card can be printed within seconds should the names change or become available only at the last moment.

Good for branding

A place card is an effective way to reinforce your brand at events, conferences, gala dinners and networking events. With Promaxx’s printable place cards you can easily put your logo or corporate design on each card to complement other marketing or branding you may have.

Placing place cards

It is customary to either put the place card on top of and in the centre of the folded napkin, or on the tablecloth at the top of the service plate in the centre of the place setting.

Typically, place cards are used to designate a particular seat to a particular person – put people next to others the organisers think might get on, or who they hope will meet each other.

An alternative approach is to assign the tables and then let your guests choose their own seats. To do this, group all of the place cards together on one table near the entrance to the reception, and write the table number on each card. When each guest finds their name, they can go to the table and reserve the seat they want by placing their place card.