What wording to include on a wedding RSVP September 21 2015

What wording to include on a wedding RSVP

A vital part of any wedding invitation is the RSVP card. Regardless of how many people you have invited to your wedding it is important you get the wording right on the wedding RSVP cards. It’s a relatively simple task but get it wrong and organising your big day might just get that bit more stressful. Here’s a few words of advice: 

Include a date for RSVP

Make sure you include a date you would like invited guests to RSVP by. This will enable you to plan better or to invite others if some people can’t make it. There are bound to be a few who don’t reply by the designated date but the majority of guests will and that should be helpful in knowing in good time who can and cannot come.

Don’t forget the name

Make sure the guest’s name is pre-printed on the RSVP card or that there is a blank space where guests are directed to write their name. You don’t want a situation where you have RSVPs coming back to and you are not sure who they are from. 

Accept or decline

Obviously, you would like everyone you invite to come to your special day but the chances are some may not be able to make it. The easiest way for people to let you know if they can or cannot come is to use forward slashes to separate the different options and to ask recipients to delete as appropriate.

For example: I/We will/will not be able to attend the wedding of…..

Dietary requirements  

If you are planning to treat guests to a sit-down meal then you might want to consider asking them to return information about their dietary requirements when they RSVP. Include a space where they can detail whether they are vegetarian or have any food intolerances etc. If you already know what the menu is then you could even feature some tick boxes and ask people if they want beef or fish, for example.

Spell out the return address

Traditionally, people reply to wedding invitations via the post. Of course, these days people are much more accustomed to using e-mail or telephone as a form of communication. Whatever options you choose be clear about which exact postal address, e-mail address or telephone number you’d like them to reply to and the name of the person you’d like them to respond to. If you don’t spell it out there is a danger your replies could end up going to a number of different people and that could get very confusing.  

Pre-addressed and stamped envelope

If you would prefer people to RSVP by post make it easy for them by including a pre-printed stamped and addressed envelope, so they are more likely to send their reply in good time. Or use our double-sided postcards to print pre-addressed cards.

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