Tips on making good use of Promaxx’s printed cardboard CD wallets September 01 2015

Tips on making good use of Promaxx’s printed cardboard CD wallets

Promaxx’s CD Wallet offers an ideal method for storing, presenting or sending out CDs and DVDs.

Supplied pre-cut, the templates provide users with a straightforward but ingenious way to create and print personalised CD covers using a laser or inkjet printer.  When printed, they simply fold along the score lines and seal using the double-sided backing tape attached. 

There are a wealth of benefits and uses for this innovative product. Here’s a few ideas: 

Environmentally friendly and cost effective

Cardboard CD/DVD wallets are an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way of storing discs compared with using plastic jewel CD cases while printing an all-in-one wallet with a personal design and is more straightforward than making a three-fold insert for a plastic case. Factor in the extra cost of purchasing and posting jewel CD cases, and producing your own cardboard CD wallet makes sense for a host of reasons.

Corporate DVDs

There are many reasons to produce a corporate video for your business –, perhaps you want to highlight a particular project or part of the business, or possibly you just want to introduce your company. An attractive and well-designed wallet will complete the job and if you include your contact details on the wallet, make it easier for people to get back in touch with you as a result.

Home-made DVDS

With free movie-making software such as Movie Maker and iMovie available with Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS respectively, it has never been easier for people to produce homemade films – made up of video clips and photos - on their own computer.

Maybe you have produced a video of a special family occasion, a wedding or holiday, or just like to produce short films made up of family snaps. Burning the DVDs and producing a specially designed wallet before sending them out to your nearest and dearest will ensure you give a gift to be cherished.

Suitable for a range of professions

Sturdy enough to protect your disc but slender and light enough to significantly cut waste and shipping costs, Promaxx’s CD Wallets are suitable for a host of professionals seeking an effective way to post and distribute CDs and DVDs. Graphic designers, musicians, actors, DJs, software developers, photographers, movie makers - to name a few - could all benefit from the use of the product.