The benefits of good point of sale displays July 27 2015

The benefits of good point of sale displays

According to research from retail marketing specialists OgilvyAction, up to 20% of shoppers make impulse buys once in-store, purchasing items they had no intention of getting prior to entering. A quarter of these say these impulse buys are prompted by an attractive display.

These findings provide a compelling reason for retailers to make the most of their point-of-sale displays as important tools for increasing sales. While at Promaxx we provide retailers with the products to print their own point of sale presentations, here’s a list of five further benefits they can bring.

Show the product in use

If the full benefits of a particular product need to be explained further or demonstrated, a point of sale display provides the opportunity to show visuals of it in use. Video clips running on monitors can easily be incorporated to show off the product further.

Gives products a lift

Point of sale displays can simply make a product and the shop look nicer. Rather than having all items lined up in rows on shelves, promoting products via an attractive display gives them a lift and makes them look of higher quality. Their introduction can add colour and life to a store or café and bring a new dynamic to the place.

The chance to upsell

Point of sale displays offer retailers the chance to sell extra items while people are waiting to pay for an item and are in the mood for buying. If the product you are displaying works with additional products, why not include them on the display as well and maybe promote a discount if the customer buys the full set.

Go interactive

With increasing numbers of shoppers using smartphones, why not include QR codes (Quick Response codes) on your point of sale displays. They allow users to scan the code to download extra information about a product onto their device. Incorporating a touchscreen, which gives users more product details, is another way of getting people to stop, interact and take notice.

Information to take home

If the buying process for a particular product requires more time and consideration, a point of sale display is the ideal place to put info sheets or booklets and give shoppers the chance to take the information home to ponder.