Our pre-printed business card service June 02 2015

Pre printed business cards

A growing number of companies are taking advantage of our pre-printing service for business cards which offers the benefits of working with a professional printer combined with the flexibility of being able to add new details when required.

The facility has been a natural next step for Promaxx, which is best known for offering a comprehensive range of print-your-own products, such as business card templates, labels, point-of-sale signs and wedding stationery. Where the pre-printing service differs is that clients choose to have the design elements of their business card pre-printed with us, such as their company logo, borders and other branding, but with a space left vacant in the centre, so that additional information, such as the personal details of the card holder, can be added from their own printer when the need arises.

There are a number of advantages to this approach.

Firstly, companies using the service profit from our lithographic printing technology which means that the pre-printed element of the business card will be of an exceptional quality and will show your organisation in an extremely good light.

Beyond this clients are also guaranteed a consistency of colour and design – an important consideration for companies who are working from multiple sites where, for example, two people who are printing the same cards from different printers may end up with different colour shades and quality of finish. By having the key design elements of your business cards printed from one reliable and professional source, companies can ensure they have a uniform quality running throughout their stock.

There is also money to be saved on printing ink costs because getting the coloured elements of card pre-printed saves on the use of coloured printer cartridges. Companies then only need to use the more affordable black printer cartridges to add personal details to the card.

At Promaxx we believe the pre-printing service is ideally suited to companies where there is a high turnover of staff, a lot of internal promotions or simply a high level of demand for business cards. By ensuring you have a readily-available supply of pre-printed cards that you only need to personalise, organisations are better placed to adapt to the changing requirements of the business. Companies who already use the service say they can adjust their business cards for a specific event or situation and are not tied to the inflexibility and extra cost that comes with the traditional approach of having to order a minimum print run of business cards from a professional printer.

As far as we know Promaxx is the only printing company in the UK offering such a flexible service. And while the pre-printing service is already being widely used in Europe in countries like Germany, where it has proved extremely popular, less is known about it in Britain. Our aim is to raise the profile of the service in the UK so more organisations can profit from the provision.

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