Tips to make your point-of-sale display stand out December 22 2014

Figures vary as to how effective good point of sale (POS) displays can be. Just what impact quality and thought-through signage near the till, at the customer’s table or in the line-of-sight of people as they walk in your shop has is virtually impossible to say exactly because of all the different factors that go into a buying decision. Some estimate POS advertising can increase sales by up to 75% while it is generally accepted in retail that only a third of customers know what they want when they walk into a shop – meaning fresh, well-positioned POS displays can have a major influence.

Promaxx gives users the ability to produce inventive, updated POS literature that can be refreshed at any time to push special promotions or to inform customers of the latest products in-store. But there are also a host of other things shop owners, or café and restaurant proprietors should bear in mind to maximise the effect of their signage.

Here’s a few ideas:

Know your customers – you can have the best designed POS signage but is it saying the right thing? Are the products you are promoting what your customers will respond to? Have you priced things correctly or made an offer that corresponds with their financial position? You need to know your customer to ensure your POS displays speak directly to them.  

Print out leaflets – your POD displays may have aroused interest but the customer wants more time to think. Maybe the product or the special promotion you are offering requires them to go home and consider things. By making leaflets available by the POS they can take the main information with them.

Don’t go over the top – a simple, well-arranged display with POS signage and literature can work wonders but if you overdo it, the message may be lost. Potential customers will respond to a straightforward cue – but if is too dressed up and overcomplicated they might miss what you are trying to say.

Location, location, location – are your POS displays in the right places in the shop? They need to be in line of sight of customers as they make their way into the store or around it. Don’t hide them in corners where they won’t be seen.

Big and bold – while you need to keep things in proportion and ensure your POS display isn’t too large, it needs to be big and bold enough to get noticed. Go for big, bold fonts on your literature and signage (whilst making sure they are legible too, script fonts in particular can sometimes be very hard to read) – in a style and colour that has impact and maybe reflects the products or your shop. Don’t be afraid to proclaim your offerings.