Four cool font trends to make your self-print designs stand out April 04 2016

Promaxx’s unique range of high-quality self-printable products allow users to create and personalise all kinds of items – from business cards and CD wallets to tower cards and labels.

When designing your own products it’s helpful to look at the latest fonts being used out there in design land. Many of the newest are aimed at websites but they can also be used for print products. Check out Google Fonts as a good starting point for a range of stylish fonts.  

To help inspire you, here’s a rundown of some of the font trends that are all the rage at the moment.

Return of the serif

The popularity of modern, clean typefaces like Helvetica has seen so-called ‘sans serif’ (meaning ‘without serif’) fonts dominate design for a long time.

But in recent years there has been a turn back to the serif, which is a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces. The serif gives typefaces a sense of history and tradition, which might be what you are looking for in your designs.


Retro fonts hark back to style from the recent past often borrowing from typefaces found in popular culture.

From 1950’s B-movie fonts, through 1960s flower power to 1970s football shirt lettering, there is wealth of fun and funky fonts to experiment with.

Geometric fonts

As the name would suggest geometric typefaces are based on geometric shapes like circles and squares. These fonts were popular from the 1920s and 30s due to their modern design, and many new geometric fonts have been created since.

Geometric fonts are super cool and can be used for great effect on all sorts of stationary and cards. Have a play and see if any of them work for you.


Watercolour-style fonts look like they have been made with the swipe of a paint brush. They are light-hearted and homely but lively and fun at the same time. Use them on invitations and cards to portray a down-to-earth approach to proceedings. If you are a whizz on Photoshop you can create the exact font you need.