Helping Prima Artists secure repeat business

Prima Artists is one of the UK’s most successful entertainment agencies, supplying bands, music, magic, comedy, speakers and entertainment for corporate and private events and parties throughout the UK to clients such as Microsoft, 3M, Alton Towers and BBC Radio Five.

“Image counts for a lot in our business,” says Partner Tony MacDonnell, “and providing each of our artists with good quality, personalised business cards to hand out after each event is a great way to secure repeat business. However, we have such a large and varied number of artists on our books that conventional business card printing would be both wasteful and costly.”

The preprint business card service from Promaxx proved to be the perfect solution. Prima simply purchases the business cards in packs of A4 sheets, complete with the Prima logo and main details. Individual artist details can then be added with a standard office printer. They break cleanly and crisply out of the carrier base to produce a card that is every bit as professional as a conventionally printed card, except that you only print as many as you need.

“We are very impressed with the multi-functional product and with the service we received from the Promaxx team,” comments Tony, “from art working to proofing and from printing to delivery, the whole process was seamless and smooth.”


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