Fire Brigade Union officials print on-demand with Promaxx

Fire-fighters understand the demands of being on call so it is little surprise that they choose a system that enables them to print their business cards as they need them, saving money and reducing waste

The elected officials of the Welsh Region Fire Brigades Union give out these cards to members to ensure their details are at hand whenever they need to contact them for support and/or advice.

“The Promaxx pre-printed business card system allows us to control the number of cards printed,” explains Mair Jones, a representative for the Welsh FBU. “Elections bring new representatives, so this is a much cheaper alternative to getting business cards printed every time we have a change of personnel. We can print a small number of cards when required by a representative as opposed to having to order in bulk.

The Welsh FBU has been realising the benefits of pre-printed business cards from Promaxx at Denny Bros for several years. “The process couldn’t be easier,” continued Mr Jones, “We order the business cards from Promaxx pre-printed with the Union crest and official details and then we simply add an individual’s personal details to the Word template, put the pre-printed cards in the printer and away we go. It is a good quality and cost effective product.”

The business cards are just one of the products in the Promaxx range, which consists of pre-die cut products from an A4 sheet which are held in place via the unique tape system.


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